Is the wireless EyeAlarm more expensive than a wired alarm?

Not necessarily. Wireless technology ensures installation is in minutes, not hours or days.

I am upgrading from ADSL Broadband to Ultra-Fast Broadband. Will the EyeAlarm work?

Yes, absolutely. Not only will it work, but it will also automatically re-route your alarm monitoring signals over the cellular network if something impacts your UFB service.

Will my EyeAlarm work if my power fails?

Yes, and if your broadband is impacted by the power failure, the system can transmit over the mobile network.

Can I arm and disarm the EyeAlarm remotely?

Yes, you can arm and disarm via smartphone application if a SIM is installed in the control panel.

Does the system have any redundancy?

Yes. The control panel has both ethernet and cellular ports as standard and can be configured to use both in a redundant configuration or singularly.

Are the internal PCAMs pet-proof?

The detectors can be tuned down. Generally, we don’t need to as the video shows the operators that the activation is a cat or dog and no further action is needed.

Do the cameras record video?

No, the system is not recording video in the way CCTV does. The system only transmits video when it is armed and then activated. The 10-second videos are stored on the monitoring station server.

Can I have access to any video footage from my site?

Yes, this can be requested by email.

Will the system impact my broadband usage?

Not really. Even very active systems use less than 100MB per month, generally.

Do I need to be concerned about my privacy with cameras?

Not at all. The system must be armed and then activated before any video is transmitted.

Do Police respond to EyeAlarm activations?

If the video shows an intruder, yes, Police respond. Onsite arrests are what result from this solution.

Can I have an external siren?

Yes, you can, although it is our stated intention to catch criminals in the act. Scaring criminals away with loud sirens is “yesteryear” technology and thinking, we believe.

With the extra functionality including video verification and redundancy, this must be expensive.

No, it’s not. It is cheaper than a normal wireless blind alarm, generally. The hardware is more expensive than a wired blind alarm but generally by the time installation is taken into account, the EyeAlarm is less expensive.