EyeAlarm Applications

Our EyeAlarm is an advanced wireless security system that can be monitored 24/7 by our professional control officers. It is designed to deliver onsite arrests in the case of illegal activity.

You can be assured you will be secured with our EyeAlarm. The innovative security system is unique in that it offers ‘anywhere’ security with no need for permanent cabling, power or phone lines. It is self-powered, with long-life batteries that will run for up to four years.

Engineered in France by a leading technology company that has spent decades developing security solutions for government agencies, the EyeAlarm is perfect for both residential and commercial applications. It can secure homes, business premises, office spaces, building sites and scaffolding, rental properties, boats, holiday homes; the list goes on.

The EyeAlarm wireless video-verified alarm system is always with you, but it puts your privacy first. The only time our control room operators have eyes on what is happening is if the silent alarm is triggered. In the case of a possible incident, our operators receive a 10-second video clip of what activated the alarm. They will be able to see if it was a false alarm or not and if an incident is confirmed, NZ Police will be called out.

EyeAlarm advantages:

  • Wireless and easily portable
  • Cheaper than you may expect
  • Two-way encrypted technology
  • Self-powered with up to 4 years’ battery life
  • Video verification means no false alarms
  • Indoor and outdoor detectors available
  • Broadband or cellular connectivity
  • Professionally monitored 24/7

The last thing you need is delays or costly setbacks when you are managing a construction project. Eye Spy Security’s Construction EyeAlarm is designed to keep guard of your site and machinery, protecting it from theft and vandalism. We also offer scaffold alarms, which can protect your site from liability if trespassers risk their safety on your site.

Our commercial EyeAlarm systems are perfect for any retail store, office space or industrial site. We can keep an eye out for your site after-hours. Eye Spy also has panic alarms to protect at-risk workers on premises including banks and service stations. Access control systems and intercoms are another way to maximise your security.

We know how important it is to protect your family and assets. That is why we recommend the EyeAlarm for residential homes, including holiday homes and rentals, particularly those that are vacant. Add our professional alarm monitoring service to your video alarm for a low monthly fee to ensure your system is monitored all day, every day.

Eye Spy is Here to Keep An Eye Out For You

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