I was recently in the market looking to update our old, none pet friendly home alarm.  Paul from EyeSpy Security introduced me to the features of their Videofied system and it was clear from the start that not all home alarms are created equal!

Being able to have video verification of alarm events (no more false alarms with expensive call-outs from security companies) sold me on Videofied alone, but then the ease of installation (which was finished in one hour), the flexibility, the remote arming / disarming and the friendly and professional manner in which Videofied managed the whole process made this such a simple choice.  We are really pleased we went with the Videofied system and would highly recommend anyone looking at security systems gives EyeSpy a call.

Matthew of Paremata

(Residential installation)


Hi Lisa/Paul,

Thanks for your response and installation of the Videofied system at Hope Gibbons building. We’ve decided to install the Videofied solution after numerous incidents of Vandalism. Your control centre called the police for an incident and they responded within 5 minutes (before my monitor that was in the CBD at the time). The dog unit searched the building but the individuals left the scene before they could arrest them. Their fast reaction prevented damage that usually cost between $450 and $900 per call out, the system paid for itself within a Month because we experienced problems with vandalism at least twice a weekly. This System was operational for 3 Months and there was no vandalism and the Police responded twice to potential incidents.

I see this as a cost effective way to prevent crime without the personal risk and personnel management required by traditional guards.

Kind Regards

Todd Hoar

Wellington Branch Manager

Tournament Parking

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This is a seriously good outfit. We have got nothing but positive comments from the two activations we have had. Video of intruder and Police response was immediate. Turned out to be our ever faithful oil guy coming on a wrong night. But highly recommend these guys for their responsiveness and the quality of their solution.

Kind Regards

Takeaway Churton

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