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As the Australasian partner for siteisight, Eye Spy Security is proud to bring you the very best in Construction & Roading Site Virtual Presence systems.  siteisight cameras are working hard around the world in every environment imaginable to help project managers, developers and construction owners manage and document their job sites.

Words such as “disappointed” and “nightmare” have been associated with the operation of Construction & Roading webcams, and a typical reason many engineers and contractors shy away from using them. siteisight has eliminated this dissatisfaction with “Plug N’ Play” systems. We pre-configure everything to your specific project requirements before shipping for easy installation. Our FREE online web application, CENTCOM (call or email us today for access to our Live Demo Site) offers simple, no-fuss access to your project photos and videos.

And if all of that doesn’t get you excited well there is more! All siteisight systems are built in the USA. What does this mean for you? Over the past ten years with the growing market for construction webcams and with the entrance of multiple companies into the industry, several assembly quality issues have caused frustrating experiences for contractors. siteisight has insisted from day one that all camera systems be designed, tested, and assembled in the USA from quality US-made/imported components. This includes final quality control.

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