Ultra Fast Broadband Alarm Monitoring

Ultra Fast Broadband Alarm Monitoring, IP Phone & ISP UFB Services

UFBPlus is a bundled UltraFast Broadband offering which includes the fastest home broadband available in New Zealand, two state of the art associated services including Ultra Fast Broadband Alarm Monitoring for added home security and digital phone services utilising the UFB connection.

Remember, when you install any UFB connection you lose the old copper lines which your current alarm depends on. If you install a convertor on your existing alarm you need to consider power backup for your ONT and Router otherwise your alarm will not communicate if your Mains Power fails.

UFBPlus includes our Ultra Fast Broadband Alarm Monitoring service that is designed to work with Fibre based Broadband services, making sure your home is protected when you are not there. Enjoy the lightning speed of UFB but talk to us to ensure UFB doesn’t leave you exposed when it comes to the security of your most treasured assets.

Features of the UFBPlus alarm monitoring service include:

  • Customer online status free of charge
  • Internet access allowing viewing and download of history
  • SmartPhone Applications for remote viewing
  • Re-use of your existing Alarm Panel in most cases

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In some cases your current alarm may simply be too old to work over UFB. If that is the case check out our Multi-Path UFB ready Video EyeAlarm – why be blind when you alarm could actually see. Our Video EyeAlarm also provides backup for those power issues that could render your normal alarm useless. When the normal communication path fails due to power or any other reason our Video Alarm will automatically route your Alarm signals over the cellular network.

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To find out more about UFBPlus please email or call us.

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