Alarm Monitoring


Eye Spy Security Alarm Monitoring Services

We provide Alarm Monitoring Services tailored to suit your requirements. From the smallest residential or apartment alarms through to high-rise commercial access control and environmental systems we have an Alarm Monitoring solution to suit your needs.

We provide comprehensive alarm monitoring services for all major brands – DSC, Paradox, Micron, Arrowhead, Protégé, Gallagher and Bosch. We support systems communicating over Broadband, PSTN, Ultra-Fast Broadband(UFB), IP or Cellular networks.

  • Residential Security Alarms – Talk to us about your requirements. From basic solutions to extensive dual path or multi system monitoring we can provide a solution that gives you piece of mind for the assets you care most about
  • Residential & Commercial Panic/Duress alarms
  • CCTV Virtual Guard Tours – Utilise your CCTV investment and have us perform Pre-programmed Guard Tours of your CCTV system by our deskbound guards.
  • Alarm Initiated CCTV Guided Response – With Remote access to your CCTV system we can validate the cause of an activation and take the most appropriate ‘next steps’ to ensuring your premise is protected 24×7
  • Video Alarm – Videofied Monitoring Services. See our Video Alarm Services page for more information but quite simply if you want the best Alarm then this is the one for you
  • Radiolink – Ensure your alarm signals can get through regardless of power and communication issues

All our monitoring customers receive free portal access allowing Internet based:

  • Viewing of Alarm history
  • Download/Export Alarm history and Events
  • Updating of Instructions
  • Updating of Keyholders

iPhone and Android applications also allow Smartphone viewing of Alarm status.

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