EyeAlarm Construction Site

Eye Alarm Construction Site

Eye Alarm Construction Site brings the power of the Eye Alarm to the Construction & Building Industries. 

We have you covered for internal, external and scaffold security.

Our significant arrest count on NZ Construction and Building sites make us the leader in site security. Many of NZ’s leading Construction and Building companies utilise Eye Alarm to secure their sites and assets not just on one project but across multiple projects over many years.

  • No phone line Required. Will communicate solely over Cellular comms
  • Configuration and testing offsite. Allows for Fast deployment onsite.
  • 12 Second Initial Video Verifies exactly what caused your Alarm to activate – No False Alarms,  just Onsite Arrests
  • Police response due to Video Verification – over 100 Arrests solely down to this solution
  • Remotely Arm and Disarm from Smartphone
  • Wireless with Full Supervision and Tamper protection of all Devices
  • Relocate – Easily moved from project to project without need for cables and conduit
  • Adaptable – add sensors with ease as and when required on this project or the next
  • Not dependent on Mains Power

Call us today for immediate and efficient securing of your site!

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