Lone Worker Duress & Panic Solution

Lone Worker Duress & Panic Solution     sos

Don’t panic, you’ll never compromise the Safety Of your Staff or Family again with our latest webeyesos Lone Worker Duress & Panic Solution

With webeye SOS, if your guard, lone worker or family member feels threatened or in danger, you’ll never be left guessing their whereabouts again!  The webeye SOS Lone Worker Duress & Panic Solution utilises your existing investment in Smartphone hardware. Coupled with our unrivalled Cloud based services we deliver real time location based intelligence.  Through the new webeye browser or to other webeyecms enabled phones, once triggered, our Cloud Based Servers track the whereabouts of your lone worker or family member. Their location is updated every 10 seconds ensuring rapid response and resolution to any incident.

Should they feel threatened or in danger he or she presses the SOS panic button or the discrete hot key panic button attachment which immediately sends an alert to the other enabled devices where their location is identified and tracked in real time. This supa-fast and supa-reliable application will become an invaluable tool to help defeat the criminal and greatly improve the safety of staff and family members.

How does it Work?

1. Enable your guard’s, lone worker’s or family member’s smart phone with the webeyesos app
2. If a lone worker feels threatened or in danger they hit the large SOS panic button or the discreet hot key panic button attachment
3. Upon activation an alert is triggered and an alarm sent to the new webeye browser and any number of webeyecms enabled smart phones
4. Their location and movement is tracked every 10 seconds for 10 minutes or longer if required
5. The sender’s phone covertly vibrates to inform the lone worker or person under duress that the alert has been received and back-up is on the way!

Get back-up quick without carrying another Device

Watch video here Hot Key Attachment Video

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