EyeAlarm – Panic Alarm Solution

EyeAlarm – Video Verified Panic Alarm Solution

Panic, Duress & Holdup situations can have successful outcomes when systems are in place allowing external parties to make informed decisions

EyeAlarm provides ‘Eyes Onsite’ when you need it most! The EyeAlarm system is easily configured as a standalone or integrated Panic Alarm

When a Panic, Duress or Armed Holdup situation occurs Visual Verification of the incident is critical. Visual Verification allows us to inform the Police immediately of a crime in progress.

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How does it Work?

  • Following a Silent Panic Alert a 10 Second Video Clip is generated
  • This Video is sent to the Monitoring Station for immediate action
  • The Monitoring Station retrieve additional Live Video on demand
  • The Monitoring Station call Police if the Video or subsequent Videos show a situation

EyeAlarm – Live Monitored Video Verification of every Panic Situation = Direct & Immediate POLICE response!

This monitored wireless video verified panic solution allows you to follow all of the Police recommendations, without compromising your safety in any way. The Silent activation and Push of Video to our Control Room allows us to inform the Police of a crime in progress.

No matter the system you have in place if you are subjected to an Armed Holdup you must remember :

It is imperative at all times that you remain calm!
Do not resist or attempt to be a Hero
No amount of money is worth a human life

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