EyeAlarm Monitoring Solutions

EyeAlarm Monitoring Solutions

At Eye Spy Security we believe it is imperative to have the best Monitoring solution to compliment your investment in your EyeAlarm system.

We have two core options for you and later this year you can also be blend these for the ultimate in Video EyeAlarm Monitoring security.

EyeAlarm Pro offers the best in Professional Back to Base 24×7 Alarm Monitoring whilst our Partnership with WebEyeCMS from the United Kingdom offers our EyeAlarm users the ultimate in Self-Monitoring solutions for your home or business.

EyeAlarm Pro – Video Alarm with Professional Alarm Monitoring

Take the best alarm system available and compliment it with a Professional 24×7 Monitoring service. Complete with ‘anywhere’ portal access and Monitoring station redundancy your home or business couldn’t be in safer hands! Our team are very experienced in the receipt and auctioning of EyeAlarm activations and have successfully worked with the police in real time to catch criminals onsite!

Your EyeAlarm investment deserves to be monitored by professionals who understand the importance of the role they fulfil. Your security is our main concern and with an EyeAlarm Pro package you can be assured that 24 x 7, 365 days per year your assets will have our eyes on them immediately during an activation. This isn’t about CCTV footage to be trawled through tomorrow after the act it is about catching criminals ‘In the Act’.

WebEyeAlarm – Video Alarm with Self Monitoring

WebEyeCMS -  visually verified alarm monitoring solutionIf your phone is always on and you like the thought of ‘Self-Monitoring’ then this may be the package for you. A revolutionary automated video alarm monitoring system and service for organizations of all sizes and homeowners alike. This patented* technology enables us to offer a level of service unequalled in the market, at a price that cannot be matched by other monitored alarm systems. Talk to us today!

WebEyeAlarm Residential

With our home alarm system we have set out to revolutionise the monitored alarm industry by using our patented send and confirm technology to offer unparalleled levels of service and security – giving you complete peace of mind. You can keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world using our mobile app. And because of our fail safe response system you can be confident, should the worst happen, you’ll get to know fast.

WebEyeAlarm Commercial

The WebEyeAlarm commercial system is the world’s first fully cloud-based video alarm handling software, integrated with the EyeAlarm. It allows users to receive and handle alarms from anywhere in the world, subject to an internet connection. In addition to this, users can also receive and handle alarms whilst on the move, with the WebEyeAlarm smart phone app. WebEyeAlarm is set to revolutionise the alarm monitoring industry by offering an automated option, allowing clients to look after their own sites, whilst cutting the cost of protecting their property, valuables and assets.

*Note if your Insurance contract specifically states that your Alarm is Monitored then you should check with your Insurance advisor re suitability of this service.

WebEyeAlarmProComing soon!

Combine the ‘Self-Monitoring’ WebEyeAlarm advantages above with the ultimate in fallback to our 24×7 EyeAlarmPro Video Alarm Monitoring service. If all of your Keyholders fail to receive and acknowledge your alarm activation you can select to have it fallback to our monitoring station on a fee per incident basis.

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